BOSS adopts a learner centred approach and the content of our Academic Programme is carefully prepared by our Academic Team on the basis of each students’ individual assessment and needs. All of our classrooms are equipped with smart boards and with a maximum class size of 15 and levels ranging from beginner to proficiency, our course is planned so that a sensible balance between academic and non-academic activities is maintained. We like to educate our students, but also to keep them motivated and never bored.

The objective of our Academic Programme is to strengthen and improve our students’ English by consolidating what knowledge they may already have of the language. The outcome will then be the opportunity to take the Trinity College Spoken English Exam, which all students will take on the last day of their stay at BOSS (minimum stay 2 weeks).

The Trinity College Spoken English Exams are well suited to summer schools as they give direction to short courses and provide an outcome to the course. Everyone can be successful at their own level and all students who pass will go home with an internationally recognised certificate and a feeling of accomplishment as well as making your teacher and parents happy!