House System

Within the Buckswood Family, we have several smaller families who together make up our house system. Each house has a House Tutor and an assistant who will welcome our students into their houses and provide them with all the care that they need during their stay.

Our resident House Tutors will be our students’ first point of contact and the person that our students should turn to for advice or assistance.

Each house is unique with single or quadruple rooms, the majority of which are now en-suite. Our rooms are provided with a bed, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe and drawers.

Managers, Teachers and Activity Leaders live on-site to provide that extra level of care and attention for our students.

Our house system provides our students with a ‘home-from-home’ environment that will help each of them to learn and grow as individuals and leaders. Without realising it, everything that our students do is a valuable life lesson that will help them to develop under the close mentorship of our House Tutors.

The comradeship and sense of belonging that grows within our house system naturally encourages our students to work with each other, to do their best and to succeed with pride in all that they do.

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