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Every summer has a story.

What will yours be?



It’s easy to see why kids and teens would want to spend their summer at Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS). It’s an experience of a lifetime that offers more than meets the eye! Of course our English lessons are extremely important but so too is the thrill of trying new activities and visiting new places, and the friendships that are made make it such a special experience for our students.


Here at BOSS, we take pride in helping to shape the lives of our students and, by encouraging confidence through experience, we allow them to challenge themselves through excitement and adventure as well as developing social and life skills in a happy and pleasant environment.


However, BOSS is not only about experiencing new things and shaping lives, it is also about having lots of fun and  being able to take your stories home to share with your friends and family. Our campus is an amazing place, full of life, activities and energy!

Who wouldn't want to spend their summer at BOSS?

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