Supervision at BOSS

Supervision of our students is something that we take very seriously at BOSS. We place the well-being and interests of our students before all else and know where our students are 24/7. Members of staff are rarely more than 10 metres away from students and all students know exactly where they can find a member of staff 24/7. All students wear a wristband upon which they can find the 24 hour emergency telephone number in case they cannot find a member of staff, unlikely but you never know. They can call this number and someone will be with them very quickly.

All of our staff members are, at the very least, trained in first aid, child protection and emergency response and we have risk assessments for every eventuality from visiting London to watching a movie.

When are students registered?

07:45 At wake up

08:00 At room inspections

09:00 At assembly

09:30 In class

11:30 After break

14:00 In class

15:30 At activity meeting

17:30 At activity meeting

20:00 At evening activities

22:00 In houses

23:00 In bed