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Updated: Nov 8, 2019

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Over the last couple of months, Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) has been travelling in Belarus, Poland, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and right now Georgia. During these visits I have met many, many BOSS students and some of them have told me that they are forgetting their English after summer school as they are not having many opportunities to practise. This is normal. At summer school all we do is speak English. Everything is in English and opportunities to practise are everywhere however once you are home, how can you continue to practise your English and even improve your English if opportunities are few?

I gave them some tips. Here are our top five best ways to learn English.

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1. Learn English for free online with the British Council

The British Council have a lot of great online resources for learning English which are free. Check out their website here for more information.

The British Council have a lot of great online resources for learning English which are free. Check out their website here for more information.

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2. BBC Learning English

The BBC has been inspiring language learning since 1943 so they must know what they are doing. Check out their website here for some great ways to learn to speak English.

3. Self-Study English

Head over to YouTube or Netflix, watch shows in English. Just listening to the English language is one of the best ways to learn English. If you’re not that confident yet, put on subtitles but make sure that they are in English!

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4. Use Technology

We don’t encourage you using your mobile phones when you’re here at BOSS but when you’re at home, it’s fine, as long as you’re still being polite and sociable! With your phone you have access to a wide variety of apps that can help you to practise and learn English so here are a few of the best apps to learn English:

· Sentence Master Pro

· Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free

· Improve English: Word Games

· Memrise: learn languages free

· Learn Languages busuu

5. Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are amazing. You can literally find a podcast for anything that you want to learn about and you can listen to them anywhere making them super convenient. There are thousands of podcasts available to help you to practise and improve your English, but here are what we think are the best podcasts to learn English:

· The English We Speak

· Podcasts in English

· EnglishClass101 by Innovative Language

· British Council Learn English Podcasts

· Splendid Speaking

· Better at English

· Culips ESL Podcast

· ESL Pod

· Luke’s English Podcast

At the end of the day, apart from the above tips, the best advice that we could give to continue learning English after summer school is to never give up. That is the best way to learn English. That and coming to Buckswood Overseas Summer School of course!

This blog post was written by Neil McLoughin, Director of Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS). BOSS is a British Council accredited language school for students aged 8 to 17 from across the globe. To find out more, please visit or contact us here.

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