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The Power of Travel and Education: A Reflection Our Business Trip to Kazakhstan

Travel – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. This adage truly encapsulates our recent journey to the heart of Central Asia. Last week, we embarked on a business trip to the culturally rich country of Kazakhstan. This voyage was not just about business, but also about understanding the transformative power of studying abroad, the independence it fosters, the confidence it instils, the spirit of internationalism it inspires, and the lifelong memories it creates.

Embracing the Opportunity: Bespoke Education Workshop

The reason for our trip was to attend an education workshop organised by long-time partner of Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS), Rosa Bethell of Bespoke Education. Held at the luxurious Rixos Hotel in Almaty on the 14th October and the prestigious Sheraton Astana on the 15th October, this event served as a platform for us to interact with enthusiastic parents and former students of BOSS.

The Future of Education: Conversations with Parents and Students

Meeting with eager parents who are considering sending their children to the UK in 2024 brought to light their commitment towards providing their children with quality education and life-changing experiences. Their enthusiasm was matched by the former BOSS students who shared their personal narratives and experiences, painting a real picture of the benefits of our courses.

Independence, Confidence, and Internationalism: The BOSS Experience

Listening to our past students speak confidently in multiple languages to visitors to the workshop, it was evident that studying abroad was more than just an academic endeavour. It was a journey of personal growth and discovery. Studying at BOSS had made them more independent, helping them navigate new environments and adapt to different cultures. It had boosted their confidence, pushing them to step out of their comfort zones and take on new challenges and above all, it had instilled in them a sense of internationalism, broadening their horizons and fostering an understanding for the importance of confident and respectful communication with people from all walks of life.

A Journey of a Lifetime: Studying at Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS)

Studying at BOSS is indeed a journey of a lifetime. It's an adventure that equips young people with essential skills and experiences that go beyond the classroom. It's about exploring new cultures, embracing diversity, and creating lifelong memories. And as we look forward to welcoming new students from Kazakhstan to the UK in 2024, we're excited about the incredible journey that awaits them.

Final Thoughts

This was our seventh trip to Kazakhstan and while it was short but sweet, it was again an enlightening experience, reminding us of the transformative power of travel and education. It reaffirmed the importance of studying abroad, in shaping young minds and preparing them for life in a globalised world. Here's to more such enriching experiences and to fostering a spirit of global education with Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS).


Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) is a British Council accredited young learner language school for international students aged 8 to 17. To find out more, please visit or contact us here.

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