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10 reasons to choose our BOSS Online Summer Programme

Many language schools have switched to online delivery of their courses and with so many to choose from, it must be difficult to choose the right course for you. Here, we are hoping to make that decision a little easier by giving you 10 reasons to choose our BOSS Online Summer Programme:

  1. BOSS was one of the first, if not the first, young learner schools to launch online activities and lessons for 8 to 17 year olds. You can check out what we have been up to on our YouTube channel here.

  2. Our teachers have completed a 120 hour “teaching online” course so they will be well qualified and prepared for optimal delivery.

  3. We will not only be offering formal online English lessons but also online activities which are more relaxed and give our students the opportunity to practise the English that they have learnt “in class” in a more natural and fun atmosphere.

  4. During break times, we will be leaving our online classroom “open” (and supervised) for students to chat and get to know each other as they would in a normal school common room.

  5. Our online staff will go through a training session, ensuring that they are well trained and prepared. This will include safeguarding.

  6. We will promote and encourage the same atmosphere that we do in our physical school with a focus on fun, social interaction, confidence boosting and independence development.

  7. Should students decide to come to BOSS for real in the future, they will already feel connected in our school and programme, understanding the ethos that we promote.

  8. We will use staff who know and understand the BOSS ethos very well.

  9. Students will get to know some of the BOSS team meaning that should they visit BOSS in the future, they will already know someone. Our staff will also know them too!

  10. We want to offer the "BOSS experience" with our online summer programme, not just kids sitting in front of their computers studying English. We will have morning assemblies as we do in real life, we will have fun, we will laugh, there will be homework outside of our sessions and we hope there will be plenty of real-life BOSS students to share their BOSS experiences and contribute to the atmosphere.

Of course the people who will tell you the truth about what they really think about BOSS are our students, those who have experienced BOSS first hand. Here's what they have to say about BOSS Online.

We hope that given these 10 reasons, we'll be seeing you at BOSS Online soon. If you have any questions or if there is anything that we can do, please do let us know.

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