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Latest Brexit News: Brexit and our Students from the EU

With the Brexit date coming around (again) it is ‘Brexit week’ and unless there is a miracle, it is looking like Brexit will almost certainly happen this coming Friday 31st January 2020 so we are here (again) with even more Brexit news.

Good news for 2020

The latest news on Brexit is kind of good as due to the transition period, nothing will change in 2020 allowing EU citizens to study in the UK as they currently do.

As of January 2021 however once the transition period ends, EU citizens who wish to study in the UK may have to abide by a new immigration scheme that the British government will announce later this year.

At the moment English UK’s latest new on Brexit, is that, “The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has not yet affected entry requirements for international students. Until the end of December 2020, agents can continue to send EU students to study in the UK as usual.”

To summarise:

  • EU citizens can continue to visit the UK and study in the UK as they currently do.

  • In 2021, EU citizens may have to abide to a new immigration scheme to be announced later this year.

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