BOSS Online: "Welcome Meeting" - Monday 23rd March

The first ever BOSS Online session took place today as we ran our "Welcome Meeting" to familiarise ourselves and everyone with the online software.

We had over 20 participants from 10 countries aged from 6 to 67 in our first session and it was really great to meet and have some fun!

If you were unable to make the session, we made a recording of it which you can watch below.

Takeaways from the session:

- This Thursday (26th March) at 13:00 (GMT) we will have our 'BOSS Has Got Talent' talent show! Please contact Neil to let him know if you would like to participate and show the world your talent!

- This Friday (27th March) at 13:00 (GMT) we will have the BOSS Book Club. The book of the week is called Hugh Did Watt? and you can download it by clicking here.

When you are reading the book, please consider the following questions:

1. How did the book make you feel?

· Were you amused, upset, bored, angry, intrigued?

· Did you have to force yourself to get through it or were you unable to put it down?

· Are you glad you read it?

2. How do you feel about how the story was told?

· Did it start too slow or end unresolved?

· Do you wish it had been told from a different perspective?

· Did it jump around too much or hold you in suspense?

3. What did you think about the main characters?

· Did you like them? Were they believable?

· Did you approve of their decisions and behaviour?

· Who did you relate to the most/least?

4. Which parts of the book stood out to you?

· Are there any quotes, passages, or scenes you found particularly compelling?

· Were there parts of the book you thought were incredibly unique, out of place, thought-provoking, or disturbing?

5. What themes did you detect in the story?

· What were the main points you think the author was trying to make?

· Did you notice any symbolism?

6. What did you think about the ending?

· Were you satisfied or disappointed with how the story ended?

· Is anything left unresolved or ambiguous?

· How do you picture the characters’ lives after the end of the story?

7. What is your impression of the author?

· Does the story seem to fit with what you know of the author?

· What do you think about the author’s writing style?

· What do you think about the author’s storytelling ability?

· Would you read another book by the same author?

8. What changes/decisions would you hope for if the book were turned into a movie?

· Which sections would you cut?

· Who would you cast to play the main characters?

· If the book is already a movie, are you happy with the representation? Do you prefer the book or the movie?

9. How does this book compare to other books you’ve read?

· Did you like it more or less than other books in the same genre?

· Is the book different in any way from the books you usually read?

10. How did this book change you?

· Do you have a new perspective as a result of reading this book?

· Did you learn something you didn’t know before?

· Has your attitude or behaviour changed?

Please remember that all online activities are completely free and that you should register here. We will be offering these online activities for at least the next 4 weeks with this week's activities below:

We can also offer online English lessons should you be interested but for these, the following costs will apply:

Online group English lessons: £10 per hour

Online one-to-one English lessons: £25 per hour

To register your interest in online English lessons, please click here and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

We hope that we will see you all tomorrow for the Big BOSS Quiz at 13:00 (GMT)!

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