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BOSS Online: Top Tips for Surviving the Coronavirus Quarantine & Monday Meeting - Monday 20th April

Today was a really fun and productive session as we looked at the week ahead during the Monday Meeting followed by a great discussion about our quarantine experiences, sharing our top tops to surviving the coronavirus quarantine.

We had a chat and a bit of a debate about our different experiences of the quarantine as we discussed the following points:

  • The quarantine is a good thing.

  • Staying at home is boring.

  • We should be using the quarantine to become more creative.

  • It is easier to meet friends and family during quarantine than it is in real life.

The discussion was very interesting and we concluded by coming up with our own top tips for surviving the coronavirus quarantine. They are:

  1. Come to BOSS Online to learn new things and meet new people.

  2. Eat a lot of chocolate and spend time in the garden.

  3. Sit in a corner, dream and read lots of books.

  4. Have video calls with your friends.

  5. Write letters to your friends.

  6. Don’t forget to drink water or you will be dehydrated.

  7. Cook.

  8. Stay outside when you can.

  9. Start reading new books.

  10. Knit.

  11. Spend time with family now that you have it.

  12. Learn new things.

  13. Play with your pet if you have one.

These top tips are completely the work of our students however, we do really agree with number one!

If you were unable to make it to today's session you should check it out so you know what is happening this week. You can watch it in full below:

Takeaways from today's session

- Tomorrow we will have The BOSS Online Students’ Quiz. Every week BOSS Online students say that they want another quiz, and why not!? This week however, students will be responsible for the quiz as we ask them to bring five of their own questions to ask their classmates!

- On Wednesday we will have The BOSS Film Club and discuss the film Spirited Away (PG). We have chosen to watch Spirited Away as it is one of the top ranked films of all time with a score of 8.6/10 on and it is available on Netflix.

Spirited Away is a wondrous fantasy about a young girl named Chihiro who discovers a secret world of strange spirits, creatures and sorcery. When her parents are mysteriously transformed, she must call upon the courage she never knew she had to free herself and return her family to the outside world.

- On Thursday we will have the first project of the week – BOSS does “TED Talks”. Yes, again! The students enjoyed it so much that they want to do it again!

A TED Talk is a showcase for speakers presenting great, well-formed ideas and we are asking students to talk for a minimum of 90 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes.

What should you talk about?

You can talk about one of two things: Something that’s new and surprising; an idea or invention that your audience has never heard about.

A very simple idea, maybe something that your audience has already heard about but with your new idea that challenges what people may already know.

For inspiration, head to YouTube and check out the TED Talks channel where you will find the best talks and performances from the world's leading thinkers and doers. There are thousands that you could check out.

- Finally, on Friday we will have our second project of the week – BOSS TV! TV shows don't just magically appear on screens. They might look slick and seamless, but it’s because of incredible amounts of work and preparation for each episode. So why not see if we can make our own TV show? Let’s develop an idea, write a script and design the set. Let’s bring BOSS TV to BOSS Online with our imaginations and creativity.

For the BOSS TV activity, we are asking students to find their favourite piece of positive news from the week. They will then read their news as if they were a news reporter in our very own TV show!

BOSS Online English Lessons

We are also now offering online English lessons. Should you be interested but for these, the following costs will apply:

  • One-to-one lessons at £25 per hour

  • Group lessons at £15 per hour (maximum class size 6)

  • Exam preparation classes at £25 per hour (maximum class size 4)

If you book a block of 10 one-to-one classes, you will receive one class free saving 10%.

If you book a block of 10 group lessons, you will receive two free classes saving 20%.

To find out more about our online English lessons, please click here.

BOSS Online Activities

Please remember that all online activities are completely free and that you should register here. We are now offering these online activities for the foreseeable future with next week's activities below:

For now, stay safe and have a lovely evening and we hope that we will see you all tomorrow at 13:00 (GMT)!

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