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BOSS Online: Virtual Art Gallery - Friday 1st May

What educated and cultured students we have! Today was so interesting and so enjoyable. Their knowledge about art was in fact outstanding! Students recreated and freely spoke about famous works of art including:

- Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

- Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

- Guernica by Pablo Picasso

- Self Portrait by Vincent van Gogh

- Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

- Winged Victory of Samothrace (Nike of Samothrace)

- Icarus by Henri Matisse

For a virtual art gallery tour, check out our video below:

BOSS Online Activities

Please remember that all online activities are completely free and that you should register here. We are now offering these online activities for the foreseeable future with next week's activities below:

BOSS Online English Lessons

We are also now offering online English lessons. Should you be interested but for these, the following costs will apply:

  • One-to-one lessons at £25 per hour

  • Group lessons at £15 per hour (maximum class size 6)

  • Exam preparation classes at £25 per hour (maximum class size 4)

If you book a block of 10 one-to-one classes, you will receive one class free saving 10%.

If you book a block of 10 group lessons, you will receive two free classes saving 20%.

To find out more about our online English lessons, please click here.

For now, stay safe and have a great weekend! We hope that we will see you all on Monday at 13:00 (GMT)!

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