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An Update on this Summer

Following the success of our Easter Holiday Course, we are now more confident about running a successful, fun and safe summer school here at Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS). Why? We have just run a course during this pandemic so we now have the experience. We have already done it! In case you missed our Easter Holiday Course, you can find several blogs containing photos and videos from the course on the BOSS Blog here. You can also find all photos and videos on our Instagram here. Be sure to have a look as it will give you an idea of what our course looked like.

Our recent Easter Holiday Course
Our recent Easter Holiday Course

With just 60 days until our summer school is due to start, we are starting to receive more enquiries than ever asking questions such as – will you be running your summer school this summer? Do I have to quarantine if to go to the UK? Do I need to be vaccinated to travel? What are the travel restrictions in England? And a lot, lot more.

Within this blog, we will try to inform you as simply as possible about what we currently know (as of 27th April 2021) and what our plans are for this summer.

The Government Roadmap out of Lockdown

The UK government set out the UK’s “roadmap” out of lockdown and this pandemic back in back in February and so far, everything is going to plan and is well on track for a successful “end” to this pandemic on the 21st June, perfect timing for our summer school which will start on the 27th June! We won’t go into too much depth about this right now as we have all the details about this in a blog we wrote in February - BOSS TV: Episode 15 - Boris Johnson's Announcement - The Review.

In a nutshell however, numbers are super low here in the UK – 19 cases per 100,000 in England. Numbers continue to drop on a daily basis and if you looked around, you wouldn’t even know that we were in a pandemic. Shops, restaurants, pubs, bars, gyms, etc. are open and life is good!

The UK’s Travel Traffic Light System

The British government must really like cars and driving as first we had the “roadmap” and now we have the “traffic light system”. The traffic light system consists of three colours – green, amber and red. Right now we don’t know what country will be what colour but early May has been mentioned. When we do have this information, we will share it with you right away. Basically:

Green countries:

  • No quarantine necessary on arrival in the UK

  • Negative COVID test before arrival in the UK

  • Negative COVID test on day 2 in the UK

Amber countries:

  • Either a 10 day quarantine or a 5 day “test and release” quarantine is necessary

  • Negative COVID test before arrival in the UK

  • Negative COVID test on day 2 in the UK

Red countries:

  • 10 day hotel/school quarantine necessary

  • Negative COVID test before arrival in the UK

  • Negative COVID test on day 2 in the UK

How do we plan to run our summer school this summer?

The plan is to split our campus into two areas – a green area and an amber area. The difference between these areas are:

Green Area: The green area is for students from green countries and those from amber countries who have already completed their quarantine. Students are free to mix, mingle and enjoy summer school as normal whilst of course observing any necessary COVID protocols.

Amber Area: The amber area is for arrivals from amber countries. This is an area where students will complete their quarantine (we are recommending that students from amber countries complete the 5 day “test and release” quarantine). Students will be assigned to their house and participate in summer school primarily outdoors – classes, activities and meals, etc. Once they have completed their quarantine, students from amber countries will be promoted to the green area and enjoy summer school as normal.

We are very lucky to have a beautiful campus right in the middle of the countryside. We have acres and acres of outdoor space that is closed off to the outside world and is big enough to keep a safe distance between green and amber areas meaning that we will be able to offer a fun and safe quarantine experience to those from amber countries.

We will split our campus into green and amber areas

Booking and Cancellation Policy

While we are 100% sure that we will run our summer school, each country is unique and has its own circumstances so we are not asking for a single penny until we are 110% sure that students can travel to BOSS this summer. All we are asking for is a completed booking form which you can find on our website here.

Bookings are completely risk free so if you are thinking about booking but are worried that you may have to cancel the course, do not worry. By completing a booking form, you will be helping us to understand how many students we could expect which will help us to better prepare for summer school.

No money is required until we are 110% sure that you can come

For more information about our booking and cancellation policy, please check out our blogs – Book in Confidence With No Deposits and our 100% Money Back Guarantee and 100% Money Back Guarantee with Buckswood Overseas Summer School.

Once we have more information regarding the “traffic light system” we will share it with you right away but for now, please know that we are always here for you so if you have any questions, require any further information or just fancy a chat, please just let us know.


Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) is a British Council accredited young learner language school for international students aged 8 to 17. To find out more, please visit or contact us here.

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