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BOSS TV: Episode 9 - Answers to Your Brexit and COVID Questions

During the festive period, a couple of not so festive things were happening. Brexit, and of course COVID. When we switched our computer on last week after a bit of a break, our inbox was full of questions so here we are with an attempt to answer those questions for you. Brew up and take a just over 8 minute break to discover the answers to questions including:

  • Can I travel to the UK using my ID card?

  • Will I need a visa to travel to the UK?

  • Will I need a visa to study in the UK?

  • Will I need to produce a negative COVID test on arrival at BOSS?

  • Due to Brexit, will anything change in regards to booking a course with BOSS?

  • Will BOSS courses be different at all due to COVID?

  • Is BOSS planning to run any courses in 2021?

  • What if BOSS cannot run any courses in 2021?

  • How long will the current lockdown last in the UK?

BOSS TV is a weekly show about all things Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) featuring chats, interviews, advice and tips for those who have been to BOSS, for those who are thinking about coming to BOSS, for friends and family of BOSS Legends and for those who are simply curious about BOSS.

Episodes available every Tuesday on:


BOSS is a British Council accredited language school for students aged 8 to 17 from across the globe. To find out more, please visit or contact us here.

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