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BOSS Online: Monday Meeting and Getting to Know You - Monday 27th April

Over the last five weeks of BOSS Online, a core group of around 15 students has formed. They have attended and continue to attend pretty much every session that we put on and they are heavily involved in what we do, working together to decide what activities they would like to see each week.

Last week however, it dawned on us that despite seeing each other almost every day for the last 5 weeks, these students don’t really know anything about each other as they don’t get that “free time” that they normally would in a real life summer school during which they get to know each other and ask questions about each other freely. Therefore, today, we simply decided to have a conversation. To tell each other about ourselves and to let our classmates ask questions to learn more about each other. It was wonderful and now the friendships in our little online class feel a little bit stronger and a little bit more real!

We did not make a video of today's session as it was simply a relaxing conversation to help our students get to know one another.

Takeaways from today's session

- Tomorrow we will have the “internet scavenger hunt”! Another quiz of sorts but this time, you are allowed to use Google as the answers to the questions are going to be hidden all over the internet!

There is absolutely no way you will know the answers to these questions without the internet so come along and be ready to practise your listening and writing skills as you will have to type each question into your internet search engine!

- On Wednesday, students will present their heroes in our “My Hero” presentations. There are so many inspiring and amazing people in the world, not only right now but since time began and we want to know who your hero is. We want to know:

  • Information about this person, who are they, their history, etc.

  • Why they are your hero.

  • What is so inspiring about your hero.

  • What you have learnt from your hero.

  • How your hero inspires your every day.

  • How has your hero affected your own life?

- On Thursday, we will play a simple, fun game that everyone can play called “Who Am I?” One student leaves the classroom while the other students decide which famous person they are. When the person who left returns, they must ask each of their classmates questions to find out who they are!

- Finally, on Friday, we will have an activity as there isn’t a public holiday here in the UK. That is next Friday! Sorry about the confusion!

On Friday we will have an art based session during which students will present a piece of art that they have creating using a famous piece of art as inspiration. The other students must guess what the piece of art is and who it is by before the presenting artist does a small presentation about the piece of art and the artist to help us to learn more.

BOSS Online English Lessons

We are also now offering online English lessons. Should you be interested but for these, the following costs will apply:

  • One-to-one lessons at £25 per hour

  • Group lessons at £15 per hour (maximum class size 6)

  • Exam preparation classes at £25 per hour (maximum class size 4)

If you book a block of 10 one-to-one classes, you will receive one class free saving 10%.

If you book a block of 10 group lessons, you will receive two free classes saving 20%.

To find out more about our online English lessons, please click here.

BOSS Online Activities

Please remember that all online activities are completely free and that you should register here. We are now offering these online activities for the foreseeable future with next week's activities below:

For now, stay safe and have a lovely evening! We hope that we will see you all tomorrow at 13:00 (GMT)!

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