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BOSS TV: Episode 1 - A Chat With BOSS Legend Ayna

Welcome to BOSS TV: Episode 1 - A Chat With BOSS Legend Ayna in which we hear all about Ayna’s 6 years at BOSS, her best memories, her worst memories, her tops tips, her advice for those who have never been to BOSS and her journey to study at one of the world’s greatest universities, Harvard.

Ayna is also the founder of LINGBEAST, an online language school teaching a multitude of languages including Russian, Polish, German, Latin and Ancient Greek! To find out more about LINGBEAST, please visit them on Instagram at @LING.BEAST.

BOSS TV is a weekly show about all things Buckswood Overseas Summer School (BOSS) featuring chats, interviews, advice and tips for those who have been to BOSS, for those who are thinking about coming to BOSS, for friends and family of BOSS Legends and for those who are simply curious about BOSS.

Episodes available every Tuesday on:


BOSS is a British Council accredited language school for students aged 8 to 17 from across the globe. To find out more, please visit or contact us here.


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